Unique Shadow Boxes For All Occasions


Personalized Artwork to Inspire and Honor

Anatomy of a Shadow Box



This picture represents a collage of actual items that I collected and saved for my daughter while she was growing up.  I designed this shadow box as a gift for her on her 25th birthday.  Included on this page are explanations of several components of the shadow box.  These are provided to give you ideas of various materials that can be used to create your special gift.

Paper Elements


The "fan" in the center was made from her pencil drawings and sheets of piano music she practiced as a child.  Parts from one of her black tap shoes formed the base of the fan.

Metal Elements


The pastel artwork in the background features creations from middle school.  The blue floral and gold edging were taken from favorite dresses when she was a toddler.  Her pink ballet slipper string and various jewelry items were also incorporated.  

Fabric Elements


This area shows part of her favorite jean jacket when she was a child, while the cream-colored fabric was taken from her baptismal gown.  "The journey awakens the soul" is written on the plaque, offering an inspirational message.

Wooden Elements


The smaller "fan" below the wooden initial of her first name features check stubs from three different places she has worked.  The metal yellow tag shows color swatches for her old bedroom.  An actual label from a box of her ammunition reminds her of her target practice days.  I couldn't forget a coffee charm as that is important to her existence!

Mixed Media


The crisscross design shown was created from a photograph with her lacrosse uniform back in middle school.  An old bracelet of hers frames the design.