Unique Shadow Boxes For All Occasions


Personalized Artwork to Inspire and Honor

Customized Or Personalized Shadow Boxes


Step 1

Contact me to set up a brief conversation to discuss your celebrated person and the shadow box.  Any hobbies?  Special awards?  Favorite colors, movies, sports or other interests?  All of these details help me to create a meaningful piece of art.  I will do my best to capture the person's life highlights by creating a shadow box of mixed media like paper, glass, wood and fabrics.

Be sure to place the order online and choose the size of the shadow box.

Payment is required when your order is placed.  If you are interested in a different size or color, just ask and I will give you a quote if it is possible.


Step 2 - Only If Personalizing

Send me the items to be incorporated into the shadow box.  A variety of textures is best - fabrics, wood, paper, plastics, glass or others.  Some examples are childhood drawings, ticket stubs, necklaces, report cards, tokens, coins and small figurines.  

I do not guarantee that all items will be used or that they will remain in their original state.  My vision is to "whisper" the memories through subtlety.  Because of this, most will be cut up, distorted or altered in some way.  Any extras or unused items will be sent back with the finished product unless you give written consent to decline.


Step 3 - You're done!

I will send your completed shadow box to you, safely packaged to protect it during shipping.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for the art design process.  If personalized, timing begins when the items are received in my studio.