Unique Shadow Boxes For All Occasions


Personalized Artwork to Inspire and Honor

Shadow Box Gift-Giving Ideas



Any birthday is the perfect occasion to celebrate with a shadow box.  Favorite pastimes, colors, pictures of people, pets and more can be incorporated into the display.

Graduations and Retirement

Milestones like a high school, college and trade school graduations represent tremendous accomplishments!  What better way to celebrate a graduate than through customized artwork highlighting their journey?

Celebration of Life

Personalized shadow boxes are a wonderful way to honor and remember those who have passed.  Call and tell me about the person in your life.  I will get to work to create a special shadow box that captures some of those special memories.


These shadow boxes send positive messages of hope along with glimpses into the specific talents, interests and personality of the individual.  They offer comforting reminders to those struggling with an eating disorder, depression, cancer or other physical or psychological challenge.


Do you or a loved one have a collection of something that you don't know what to do with?  Buttons, coins, candy wrappers, fishing lures, jewelry, spoons or other items?  I will consolidate them into one shadow box while understating the collection to form a piece of art.


Communicate fragments of stories throughout the person's journey, and let me do the rest.  The shadow box will be a conversation starter and serve to bring the recipient down memory lane.